Dean Zhong Yang Meet Dean James C. Crabbe of UoB
publication time: 2013-04-25




On the afternoon of March 26, Prof. Zhong Yang, Dean of the Graduate School, met Prof. James C. Crabbe, Dean of Faculty of Creative Arts, Technologies and Science, University of Bedfordshire (UoB) , and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Prof. James C. Crabbe made a detailed introduction to the cooperative research and exchange program at UoB, and its cooperation with Chinese institutions of higher learning. Prof. Zhong Yang introduced the international strategy of Fudan and international programs at the graduate school. Both sides explored in depth the possibilities of cooperation of Double Master’s Program, Summer School and Exchange Student in such areas as Environmental Science, Biomedicine and Journalism.
A Brief Introduction of UoB
The University of Bedfordshire was created by the merger of the University of Luton and the Bedford campus of De Montfort University on August 1, 2006.The precursor of the University of Luton is Luton College of Higher Education.It is in the suburbs of London, about 30 kilometers norht of London urban district, at the heart of the London city center, Oxford University and Cambridge University. In 1993, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved the University of Luton to be promoted as a comprehensive university. During the past few years, UoB has developed into one of the most popular newly-emerged institutions of higher learning in UK among international students.
Fudan Graduate School
March, 31, 2013


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