Admission work is the crucial link of post-graduate education. It can influence greatly on the post-graduate education. It is the make or break of the first-rate research-oriented university development. Since 1923, Fudan University has started to enroll post-graduates. Till now, Fudan has developed fine tradition of enrollment and training of post-graduates. Currently, the admission of post-graduates in the Mainland of China is categorized into two forms:

I.   Master Students Enrollment

It has the following three forms:
1.      Excellent undergraduates are recommended to be admitted as Master’s students without taking entrance exams.
2.      Students taking the National Entrance Exams for being admitted as Master’s students.
3.      Students taking Fudan’s individual exams for being admitted as Master’s students.
II.    Ph.D. Students Enrollment
It is organized and implemented by Fudan University. It is not as the National Entrance Exams. Currently, it has the following three forms:
1.      Excellent undergraduates directly pursue for the Doctorate.
2.      Excellent postgraduates pursue for the Doctorate.
3.      Taking part in open admission exams for enrolling Ph.D. candidates of Fudan.
Students from the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan can take part in the open admission exams held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR.
For information of international student enrolment, please visit the website of The International Students Office of Fudan University
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