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Welcome to the Graduate School of Fudan University.
Fudan University was founded in 1905. The two Chinese characters, Fu and Dan, were cited from one sentence from Confucian Classics, i.e, “brilliant is the sunshine and the moonlight, again the morning glory after a night,” which means the sunshine is full of hope everyday and implies the grand aspiration of rejuvenating education and developing the country.
Fudan boasts 36 schools and departments. Fudan successfully carries out the national-level research projects, such as the “863” Project, the “973” Project, the State’s Scientific Supporting Project, and the State Key Scientific Special Project. Its Key Research Areas are Advanced Materials, Bio-Medical Sciences, Chinese Culture and History, Chinese Economy and Finance Studies, Environmental Science and Techonology, International Studies, Microelectronics & Nano-Technology, and Public Policy and Administration. Fudan also possesses 1 National Science Park, 4 state Key Labs, 4 Ministry of Education (MOE) Engineering Research Centers, 14 MOE Key Labs, 9 Ministry of Health Key Labs, and a host of other important Innovative Research Platforms.
Fudan boasts excellent faculty and devoted administrators. In 2012, we have 745 professors, 1012 associate professors, 569 full-time researchers, and 1181 administrators, among which 28 professors are Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 9 professors are Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
The Graduate School of Fudan University was established on November 6th, 1984. The Graduate School of Shanghai Medical University was established on January 25th, 1985. With the merger of Shanghai Medical University and Fudan University in April 2000, the two graduate schools were joined to be a new Graduate School of Fudan University. Thus, a comprehensive graduate education structure is formed with disciplines in the fields of the humanities, history, philosophy, law, sciences, engineering, medicine and management.
As one of China’s most prestigious and renowned universities, Fudan considers the graduate education as its linchpin of building into a world-class university, consistently puts “improving graduate cultivation quality” as its core. We have established the graduate cultivation system with Fudan characteristics and have achieved fruitful results. Our target is to improve the overall quality of talents, enhance the standard and international competitiveness of scientific research, and strengthen the capability to serve society and national strategy. Concentrating on the reform of cultivation mechanism, we will gradually further the reform of graduate education.
Graduates have already become the new force of educational and scientific innovation. In 2012, we admitted 4945 graduates, including 1199 doctoral students and 3746 Master students. For the 2011-2012 academic year, there are 14903 graduates, including 4793 doctoral students and 10110 Master students, studying and doing research at Fudan. Fudan graduates won wide-ranging acclaim from society because of their solid foundation of knowledge, excellent practical ability and proactive creative spirit.
We are trying our utmost to implement the strategy of internationalization by cultivating strategic partnership and proactively organize students to participate in international academic exchange and cooperation. We have developed partnerships with world-renowned universities such as Yale University, Waseda University, National University of Singapore, and so on.
We vigorously push forward the Double Degree Programs with international institutions of higher learning, such as MIT and LSE. Our Double Degree Programs consist of two categories: Double Ph.D. Degree Program and Double Master’s Degree Program. Currently, we have two Ph.D. Degree Programs and 24 Double Master’s Degree Programs, all of which have cultivating graduates with international perspective. We also successfully carry out the China Scholarship Council (CSC) Postgraduate Scholarship Program. Each year, we select first-class and talented graduates to participate in this program. In 2012, we sent 82 graduates for overseas study under this program, including 38 candidates for Doctoral Degree (36~48 months) and 44 candidates for Joint-Training (6~24 months). Many graduates have benefits a lot from this program by publishing a lot of high-quality papers in international journals. In order to serve the interests of international graduates to study and research in China, with the help of the Foreign Affairs Office and International Students Office, we successfully carry out 15 English-instructed Master’s Programs, such as The Fudan-MIT International MBA Program and the Program of “Chinese Politics and Diplomacy”.
We are confident that we will strengthen the development of the graduate education of Fudan University and make great contributions to enhancing the whole country’s overall competitiveness and national rejuvenation.
We would be delighted to welcome you to Fudan Graduate School and embark on a new journey of wonderful academic exploration.
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